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Alice's insurance Services  offers Income tax services, we are a firm with 9 years of experience here in the area of San Bernardino and the Inland empire,we know how hard you work and we understand that when it comes the time to do taxes you want to make sure that your income tax preparer is a qualified expert on this field and also you want to make sure that holds a valid and current license to prepare taxes with the IRS , the State and is properly bonded. Here at Alice's Insurance & Taxes we look very carefully to your particular situation in order to apply all the necessary  credits to get the best refund possible or pay less taxes to the IRS State and Federal. We want you to stay with us for long time, we will do our best to stablish a warm and close relationship with our clients in order to gain their trust and confidence.


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We could help you with:

IRS Audits

Taxes not filed

Itin Number.

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